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How to Have a Not-So-Cheesy Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again. Roses, cards, and store display aisles full of candy, chocolates and teddy bears. All of the things we’re “supposed to do” to show our loved ones how much we care on the one day of the year dedicated to love. Did you make your date night reservation a month ago? If not, skip all the wait lines, traffic, and the headache you’ll get trying to find a parking spot. We happen to think this Hallmark Holiday is better left at home. So if you’re tired of the Valentine’s cliche, maybe you’ll want to take a look at Five Tips for NOT Having a Cheesy Valentine’s Day.

1. Skip the Dinner and Movie. Your favorite restaurant is probably already booked up. If you don’t make a reservation, you’ll be waiting to sit down for an hour and a half. You’ll have to brave the cold (if you live somewhere cold), find a parking spot, and pay the parking meter. Why not skip all the frustration of going out and stay at home! Make a romantic dinner at home at the convenience of your own kitchen. Pick out a recipe together, something you both love. Not only will you enjoy sharing a meal, you’ll get to have fun and connect while creating something delicious together.  

2. Stay on the couch. Maybe with a fire in the fireplace. Granted, there is less talking and communication with each other, there is nothing like snuggling under a blanket together watching a new release on Netflix. It’s all about bonding time, and if you were to go to a movie theater and spend $40 on tickets, popcorn and soda, you can’t get the benefits of snuggling.  

3. Go for a hike or a stroll. Spend time with nature and your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Pick a local park, or hiking trail, and spend an hour or two walking together. It’s a great way to spend time outdoors, exercise the dog, and have one-on-one conversations with your loved one. 

4. Cheese it up! Okay, so we did say we were sharing tips for a not-so-cheesy Valentines, but how about a little cheese? Have your own wine and cheese tasting! Enjoy appetizers from the convenience of your own kitchen and living room with some local cheese and wine. Support a local business and indulge your taste buds for feel-good AND delicious fun! 

5. Skip the flowers and chocolates. They’re overrated. Get creative instead and make each other a homemade gift. Knit a hat, make a jewelry box, or simply enough pull out your art supplies and make your own Valentine’s Day card. It’s fun, meaningful, gets you away from screens, and you’ll both cherish it more.


Malayika and Jacob | Engagement

Location: Shelburne Museum 

Molly & Nick | 10.28.2017

Venue: Sugarbush Resort
Flowers: Nectar and Root 
Music: Dave Grippo Band
Dessert: Cookie Love

Mary Rose and Tyler | 10.21.2017

Venue: Hermitage Inn 
Cake: Britni Christiansen at Top Tier Bakery
Ceremony Music: Abby Thomsen
Reception Music: Airborne Jazz Band and Nu Cullers Soul Band
Flowers: Janet Boyd at Boyd Family Farms
Hair & Makeup: Radura Salon

Taryn and Francois | 10.07.2017