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New at Eve: Multimedia Pieces!

As incredible as still photography is, there’s something deeply emotional and touching about hearing the toasts and vows all over again, and that’s why Judd and I have decided to start offering multimedia pieces: A series of images and video that incorporate interviews and ambient sounds gathered throughout the day of the wedding. For our first multimedia piece, we took a wedding from 2010, Nicole and Dana at the Round Barn in Waitsfield, where we gathered audio and video, and this spring we’ve been hard at work assembling it into a six-minute piece that tells the story of the day.

What we really like is that Nicole and Dana each get to tell a little bit of their own story and how they met, which is a really wonderful aspect of the multimedia pieces. We hope you like it and we think this is a great addition to what we already offer at Eve. Enjoy!


  • Andre

    Great work you two! This is storytelling at its best!