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Kate & Ricky | Engagement Session

Happy Spring from Eve Event Photography! We’re back from our travels and we’ve kicked off the 2011 season by shooting our very first engagement session with Kate and Ricky in New Jersey. Kate and Ricky are getting married at the Home Hill Inn in Plainfield, New Hampshire in June but wanted the engagement session in the same spot where Ricky proposed to Kate: Liberty Park, a lovely setting with panoramic views of the New York City skyline. The two of them braved the sunny but chilly weather to do the shoot (we dashed to their car in between locations to warm up), and the results were lovely. Judd also used his QTVR skills to create a beautiful panoramic of Kate and Ricky with the city skyline behind them.

V-Day Offer

Bonjour de Paris! We have a special offer for all those who book in the next few weeks: a free Vermont engagement session OR photo booth on your wedding day if you put down your deposit by March 14. Just make mention of this blog post when you ask us for a quote and we’d be happy to apply the discount. A bientôt, nous l’espérons!
– Monica & Judd

A Valentine’s Story

A warning to the jaded: If cutesy love stories gross you out, don’t read on.. joking. Kind of.

Before Judd and I left for our trip, we knew we would be traveling the first two weeks apart: me in Israel, and him in Ireland. So two days beforehand, we exchanged two to small felt hearts to keep with us as we traveled. Every so often, when we missed each other, we would take a photo of our little hearts in their respective settings; the sunny Negev Desert of Israel, the misty cliffs of northern Ireland, a two-thousand year old wall in Jerusalem… until we met in Paris. The following photos are a collective memory of our two weeks apart. After we were reunited, we made more photos, this time together in Paris, with our reunited hearts. It DID happen to be Valentine’s Day but we promise we didn’t really intend for this particular timing. It just kind of happened, as things always seem to.

We are delighted to be back in the same country, though we each had amazing experiences while apart. Though Judd and I spend most of our time together, we try not to forget that it’s essential to be shaped by our own unique experiences, and to trust each other while we’re having our own little adventures. And, it makes seeing each other again even sweeter. 🙂

We hope you all enjoy the collection of photos we’ve made in the past couple of weeks. Bonne Saint-Valentin!!

Eve Goes Abroad

This week Judd and I are off to Israel, western Europe and Iceland for an eight-week adventure! We’ll still be handling email while away, with occasional travel delays here and there. We’ll be taking calls and have also updated our contact page with our Skype names. We have a few travel – themed blog posts up our sleeve as well as our ‘best of’ collections from 2010. We’re excited to share with you all and hope you have had a great start to the new year!!

New Offering from Eve: Photo Booths!

We’ve toyed around with the idea of offering photo booths, but never formally. So during a cocktail party we hosted at our studio the other week, we decided to do a test run under some of the same circumstances we encounter at a wedding: many guests in formal attire under the influence of multiple alcoholic drinks. 🙂

Here’s how it works: During the reception one of us sets up lights and a frame in a predetermined location convenient to passing guests. If you have a cool backdrop or fabric that you want to use (we used our studio bricks for the test run), give it to us beforehand and we can work it into our setup. We keep the photo booth up for about two hours, and it goes up in its own web gallery around the same time as the other web gallery (with the same password). OR, we can also set up an on site printer for a bit extra (so that guests can come back and pick up their photo five minutes after it’s taken).

We do recommend the photo booth for weddings with over 100 guests, and only for reception venues that can accommodate the space required for setup.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Looking forward to the fun photos that will come out of this offering!